Test (Mock Incident)-Accident Reported in Monument Square

Test (Mock Incident)-Accident Reported in Monument Square


A tanker truck owned by XYZ Fuel Corporation carrying approximately 8,000 gallons of gasoline has been involved in a traffic accident in Monument Square.  This accident was originally reported at 9:11AM on Thursday morning, May 26, 2016. 

The Urbana Fire Division has transported five crash victims to a local hospital, including one victim with serious injuries.  The identities of the victims are not being released at this time.

As of 10:15AM, the Hazmat Team on site has been able to contain the leaking gasoline.  

As a precaution, the Urbana Police and Fire Divisions are working to evacuate all of Monument Square, the 100 Block of North Main Street, the 100 Block of South Main Street, the 100 Block of Miami Street, and the 100 Block of Scioto Street.  In the 200 and 300 Blocks of North Main Street, South Main Street, Miami Street, and Scioto Street, all citizens in those areas are being asked to shelter in place (stay inside).  A Code Red Alert has been issued by the Champaign County Communications (Dispatch) Center for these evacuation orders.

Employees of the Urbana Water Reclamation Facility were able to isolate gasoline that entered the city's sanitary sewer or storm sewer system, and this fuel has been removed from the system by the city's Vactor truck for proper transport and treatment at the Urbana Water Reclamation Facility.

The Urbana Street Department is working to assist with traffic control, including the proper signage and barricades to safely divert traffic away from the accident scene.

Citizens are being asked to stay away from the accident scene and the downtown Urbana area at this time.  In addition, citizens are being asked to avoid parking over manholes or adjacent to catch basins within the 100 and 200 Block of Miami Street due to the potential danger of explosive gas vapors.

LAST UPDATED 11:00AM Eastern

This training exercise is now complete.  Thank you for your cooperation.