Public Comments Accepted-Revitalization Plan

Public Comments Accepted-Revitalization Plan



The City of Urbana Community Development Division is developing a revitalization plan with a focus on the city’s existing Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) as established in November 2010.  The CRA encompasses the central portion of the city and is bounded by the city’s corporation limits on the north and south.  In addition, the CRA is bounded by the majority of the western part of the city as well as portions of the city west of East Lawn Avenue.  The target area includes Grimes Field Airport, Urbana University, the city’s Central Business District, several residential neighborhoods, and much of the city’s industrial areas.

This revitalization plan will analyze previous community development plans and studies as references, and the plan will examine the current condition of the focus area, analyze recent changes within the target area, and outline strategies to be undertaken over the five year planning period.  Furthermore, this planning effort will focus on the existing housing stock and strategies for improving this housing stock through targeted reinvestment and rehabilitation, mitigation of slum and blight, infill, new construction, and public infrastructure investment.

A draft of the revitalization plan will be available for public comment starting on Monday, January 15, 2018.  This draft will be available online at  Click on the applicable local news item posted on the website.  The draft plan will also be available to view in person at the Community Development Office in the Urbana Municipal Building at 205 South Main Street during regular business hours.  Public comments will be accepted by email:; by phone: (937) 652-4305; or by mailing written comments to Doug Crabill, Community Development Manager to the address above.  Public comments will be received until close of business on Monday, February 5, 2018.  A final version of this revitalization plan is anticipated to receive Urbana City Council approval on Tuesday, February 6, 2018.

DRAFT (Revitalization Plan)-1-15-2018

DRAFT (Revitalization Plan)-2-4-2018

DRAFT (Revitalization Plan)-2-5-2018