Why Urbana

In Urbana, we celebrate living in a community with a proud history of pioneers who have strong ties to work, business, school and community. Champaign County and the City of Urbana cultivate a positive environment where businesses prosper and people enjoy the benefits of "small town" community.

World-Class Corporations like Rittal, Rothschild Berry Farm, Honeywell, KTH, Sarica/Hughey Phillips, and ColePak have found Champaign County and the City of Urbana to be a superior location for business success.

Did you know? Urbana and Champaign County have:

A Strategic Location

  • Within a one and one half-hour flight of half the U.S. population
  • Accessible to 20 major U.S. markets via a one-day interstate highway drive, with 30 other major metropolitan areas reachable on the second day
  • Less than a one hour drive to downtown Columbus's business district and cultural attractions or a 40 minute drive to similar amenities in Dayton, Ohio.

A Strong Agricultural Heritage

  • Johnny Appleseed planted his roots here
  • 206,000 acres currently being farmed
  • Nearly $60,000,000 in cash receipts (2006) for corn, soy, and produce/food manufacturers

Highway, Railroad, and Airport Access

  • West Central Ohio Port Authority connects to CSXT, Norfolk Southern, Canadian National, and Western Railroads at Chicago through the CFER
  • Grimes Municipal Airport has Careflight, a flying B25, a B-17 restoration project, a planned expansion from 4400 ft to 5100 ft in 2009, and hosts the MidEastern Regional Flyin (MERFI) and the Champaign County Annual Balloon Festival
  • Champaign County is Bisected by US Routes 68, 29, and 36; 15 miles north of I-70, 22 miles east of I-75 (map)

A Strong Work Ethic

  • Nearly 21,000 in Champaign County Workforce
  • 2006 unemployment rate--5.1%
  • $345 Million in wages (2005 numbers under Ohio UC law)

A Great Quality of Life

  • Seven State Parks, Forests, Nature Preserves and Wildlife Areas
  • Over 1,800 acres dedicated to outdoor activities
  • Quality Public and Private Elementary and Secondary Schools--average 17.5 students per teacher; Urbana University offers both Four-year and Masters programs
  • Local Hospital, physicians, and  specialists

So come, grow here and blaze the trail that Simon Kenton once did

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Urbana is conveniently nestled in Champaign County in the heart of west central Ohio.

  • Incorporated in 1868
  • Approximately 6.8 square miles
  • Population 11,793 as of 2010 census
  • Home to Urbana University, a liberal arts college with an enrollment of 1500 and a 128-acre campus
  • Two national residential historic districts and multiple single sites on the registry
  • According to the Ohio Historical Society, in 1840 during the VanBuren-Harrison contest, downtown Urbana was the site for a national Whig convention dinner. Hanging nearby was a banner with the words "The People is Oll Korrect." This helped to perpetuate the national trend of using "OK," not only as a show of political support, but as a common phrase used today. (more)