Automotive Business


KTH Parts Industries

1111 N. Ste. Rte. 235, St. Paris, OH
(937) 663-5941
KTH is recognized as a vital partner in the development, manufacture and delivery of automotive frame components around the world for world-class vehicle manufacturers. The St. Paris facility, established in 1985, serves as KTH’s Corporate

Trutec Industries Inc.

4795 Upper Valley PK
Urbana, OH 43078
(937) 653-8500
Trutec was established in 1974 as a subsidiary of Nihon Parkerizing Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan. Trutec constructed its first North American manufacturing facility in 1988 in Urbana. This site provides industrial based coatings applications that benefit a wide variety of customers in the automotive and industrial markets.

Johnson Welded Products