Advanced Materials/Advanced Manufacturing


Ultra-met Company

720 N. Main St., Urbana, OH 43078
(937) 653-7133
A world-renowned maker of custommolded tungsten carbide products with more than 40 years of expertise, including inserts, blanks, press-to-size products, wear parts, ISO and ANSI insert blanks and private labeled products.

Weidmann Electrical Technology, Inc.

700 W. Court St., Urbana, OH 43078
(937) 652-1220
A producer of transformer board insulation materials, fabricated components and complete insulation systems for electrical transformers and industrial equipment.


1138 Phoenix Drive, Urbana, OH
(937) 652-3910
Founded in 1987 by Rick Cole, ColePak is one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of packaging partitions. ColePak custom designs, develops and manufactures interior packaging partitions that meet stringent specifications to ship nearly any product. ColePak serves the automotive, electronics, cosmetic, plastic molding, precision parts, chemical, pharmaceutical, metalworking, medical, die cast parts, food service, hardware, and glass and ceramic markets.

The Hall Company

420 E. Water St., Urbana, OH 43078
(937) 652-1376
A pioneer in the human machine interface (HMI) industry, the Hall Company was founded in Urbana in 1961 by the Hall family and now is in the third generation of family ownership and operation. One of the first companies to secure a membrane-switch patent, the Hall Co. has brought new technologie

Rittal Corporation

1 Rittal Place, Urbana, OH 43078
(937) 399-0500

Rittal Corporation is the U.S. subsidiary of Rittal GmbH & Co. KG in Germany and was founded in Springfield, Ohio in 1982. Its parent company, Rittal, was started in Germany in 1961 and has grown to include offices in more than 70 countries and manufacturing facilities on 4 continents.

Rittal Corporation's U.S. Headquarters, located in suburban Chicago, Illinois, is a state-of-the-art facility that serves as a customer training center, including expanded teaching resources, product testing facilities and a large-scale product showroom where customers can have a hands-on experience with the entire Rittal System. Rittal Corporation's manufacturing center of excellence facility in Urbana, Ohio, consists of more than a half-million square feet of space to ensure that customers' production and stocking requirements are fully met. Lastly, Rittal Corporation's distribution centers in Texas and Nevada enable Rittal to meet the needs of their customers quickly and reliably.

Rosewood Machine & Tool

6423 Kiser Lake Rd. Rosewood, OH
(937) 362-3871
RMT provides the highest quality product to customers with pride, honesty and cooperation, pursuing excellence, striving to be the best in the industry. RMT is known for machining, tooling, and manufacturing special equipment including antique tractor parts.

Desmond Stephan

P.O. Box 30, Urbana, OH 43078
(937) 653-7181
The Desmond Stephan Mfg. Company, locally owned and family operated for over 100 years, manufactures grinding wheel dressers, sold in 16 foreign countries.

Hughey & Phillips, LLC

240 W. Twain Ave., Urbana, OH
(937) 652-3500
Hughey & Phillips is a global leader in the manufacture of obstruction lighting technology. Hughey & Phillips, began operations in Urbana in 2009, engineers and designs low, medium and high intensity lighting technology solutions that illuminate radio and television transmission towers, communications and microwave antennas, wind turbines, grain elevators, buildings, smokestacks, bridges and other obstructions to aerial navigation.

Bundy Baking Solutions

417 E. Water St., Urbana, OH 43078
(937) 652-2151
Headquartered in Urbana, Bundy Baking Solutions has been a family-owned company since its founding by Russell T. and Elizabeth Bundy in 1967. Recognized around the world as a leader in the baking equipment industry, the company includes American Pan, Chicago Metallic, DuraShield®, Pan Glo®, RTB and Shaffer.