Law Director/Municipal Prosecutor

Darrell Heckman, Interim Law Director for the City of Urbana, (www.heckmanlaw.comacts as legal counsel for the city and its departments and divisions, advising the administration and city council on legislative, contract, personnel and property issues. 

Jared Chamberlain, Municipal Prosecutor,  prosecutes misdemeanors in Champaign County Municipal Court and initial felony preliminary hearings before grand jury indictment. He works closely with all law enforcement agencies that serve the area as well as Champaign County Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Talebi.

Amy Deere has been with the City since 2000, as the program coordinator for victim-witness advocacy and the primary point of contact for law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations. She also serves as Clerk of Council and responds to public records requests for both departments. Her certified therapy dog, Copper, joined the office in 2014. You can follow his activities at:

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For more information about criminal procedures and how a case works its way through court, click here. To report criminal activity, contact your local law enforcement agency at one of the numbers below.  CALL 911 if you have an emergency.

  • Champaign County Sheriff:  (937)652-1311
  • Urbana Police Division:  (937)652-4350
  • Mechanicsburg Police Department:  (937)834-3187
  • St. Paris Police Department:  (937)663-4468
  • Ohio Highway Patrol (Springfield Post):  (937)653-4511