City Maps

These maps are maintained by the Engineering Department.  If you have a question or comment about any map, please contact the City Engineer at 937-652-4324.


Cities expand their boundaries over time by annexing unincorporated land adjacent to them. The City incorporated in 1805 and has continued to grow since that time.

Annexation Map


Living, touring, visiting and shopping downtown are great ways to experience the City. In addition to on-street parking, there are multiple public parking areas. In 2013, the City began renovating its downtown public parking lots--improving striping, parking stall dimensions, pavement, aesthetics, landscaping and curbs and gutters.

Downtown Parking Map

Historical Markers Map

Community volunteers worked together to assemble both a map and a listing of all the historical markers around Champaign County.

Historical Markers

Ward Map

The City is divided into four wards with boundaries established by Ordinance 105 Wards and Boundaries.  City Council has now approved a Revised Ordinance 105 which, effective 12/18/14, revises the ward map to more equally balance the City's population. The boundaries run along the middle of certain streets or railroads, with one side of the street in one ward and the other side in another ward.

Ward Map


The City is divided into districts. This separates uses that are incompatible and prevents new development from intruding on existing residents, businesses and manufacturers. By dividing the City into districts, Urbana City Council encourages new development and redevelopment in areas of the City best suited to service each type of use.  The following link shows the current zoning map, effective 2/7/19.

Zoning Map

Click here to go to the economic development website for the county, Champaign Economic Partnership (CEP).