Planning Commission


The Planning Commission consists of 7 members. Members include the Mayor, the Director of Administration, a member of the Parks and Recreation Board appointed by the Board, and one member from each of the City's 4 wards appointed by the Mayor. Appointments are 4 year terms.

The purpose of Planning Commission is to review and act on site plans, applications for development, redevelopment or alterations in the Urbana Corridor Overlay District, changes to the Official Zoning Map through recommendation to Urbana City Council, Planning and Zoning Code changes through recommendation to Urbana City Council, and street and alley vacations through recommendation to Urbana City Council. The Planning and Zoning Code was established by Part Eleven of the Codified Ordinances of Urbana and provides standards of performance and design on style, height, area and bulk of buildings and other structures, yards and open spaces, and use and occupancy of real property.

The Planning Commission typically meets to review applications the fourth Monday of each month at 6:00 PM in the Municipal Building Police & Fire Training Room. Complete applications must be received and accepted by the Department of Zoning & Compliance 14 days before any regular session.

Members include Kimberly Gordon-Brooks, Bill Bean, Kerry Brugger, Richard Ebert, Richard Kerns, Eric Samuelsson, Steve Brandeberry (Alternate) and Bill Kremer (Alternate).

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