Downtown Design Review Board


The Downtown Design Review Board consists of 7 members. Members include a member of the Planning Commission appointed by the Commission and six other members appointed by the Mayor. Appointments are 3 year terms.

The purpose of the Downtown Design Review Board is to review and act on applications for development, redevelopment, or alterations in the downtown Overlay District. The Overlay District was established by Chapter 1112 and the Downtown Design Guidelines provide development standards which are consistent and compatible with the established character of downtown.

The Downtown Design Review Board typically meets to review applications the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Municipal Building Fire Training Room. Complete applications must be received and accepted by the Department of Zoning & Compliance 14 days before any regular session.

Members include Rich Colvin, Lin Giampetro, Judy Tullis, Patrick Trenor, William Gibson, Brandon Shockey, Steve Brandeberry, Kurt Heintz (Alternate), and Lydia Hess (Alternate).

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